12 February 2008

[sf, teh_funny] Torchwood Cuuute!

1357. Of those who know of the 'Adult' Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood, there are three sorts of whom we're aware: Those who loves it, those who hates it, and those who will never watch it because they aren't either Who fans right now or don't care to pay for television service.

At one time The Wife™ was a major Who fan, but this was back in the Tom Baker reign. Altho a group calling itself the Whovian Alliance of Salem did result in some friendships which sustain to this day, so it was definitely not a bad thing.

Anyway! One of the more amusing things I've found about Torchwood is, more than its name merely being an anagram of Doctor Who (this was a case of the working title becoming the title, something of a fashion these days), but the arguments between the lovers and haters of the Torchwood team.

So it's perhaps inevitable that the tension between the two would provide the ironic funnay that is "Torchwood Babiez". It's well-done, it's well-drawn, the artists have hit the right notes (especially the kid's playhouses and landscapes that look one way to the reader and the fun way to the kid's imagination), and even non-Torchwooders can get the joke after a little orientation.

They're posting it in a LJ here. Funny!

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