13 February 2008

[net_life] Save The Internet: Tell Earl to Support HR 5353

1360. Though, I expect, Earl's already on the right side of this one.

HR 5353 is a bill that is supposed to (as far as I understand the verbiage) make "net neutrality" the keystone of public policy about the internet. Without it, companies can and will (and in some cases already have) altered the way information flows through your intertubes, giving preferred traffic a free pass and slowing it down for everything else.

With Earl's history, I'd be surprised if he wasn't already of a mind to support it. But it's always wise to remind him what side his constituents are on. So follow this link to the form and tell Congressman Blumenauer how you feel about this. Tell him to support Rep. Markey and Pickering's HR 5353.

And if you aren't a resident of Oregon's 3rd district, then follow the link anyway-they have a place where you can put in your zip code and they'll figure it out for you. They've even populated the message box with a letter if you just want to show support but don't have anything to add.

It's the right thing to do. It's good for freedom. And if you likey the income, it's good for business as well.

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