06 February 2008

[liff, music] The Cross-Cultural Rift That Must Surely Consume Us All

1328. From The Lawrence Welk Show, two wholesome Welk singers take on that noted "modern spiritual" by Brewer & Shipley from the album Tarkio, "One Toke Over The Line".

From the Wikipedia entry on Tarkio:

The catchy single, "One Toke Over the Line", peaked at #10, garnering notice from Spiro Agnew for what he saw as its subversiveness. Ironically, Lawrence Welk performed the song on his show calling it a modern spiritual. The song is notably mentioned in opening of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Has there ever been a more mixed message than this?

Modern spritual! Wild!

As The Wife™ said, "Lawrence Welk ... it's not just your grandparents' show anymore".

No, it could be your parents' show too.

If they were Jesus Freaks.

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