27 February 2008

[or_politik] Congratulations, Arlington

1393. For courageously holding a recall election that turned back the tide of hot, hardbodied MILFs looking to run your city, thus scoring the blue ribbon prize for "Biggest Waste Of Municipal Governing Time in Oregon", and making yourselves the butt of political humor in Oregon for at least six months to a year.

Actually, we find out that Arlington is just a simmering mass of civic unrest. Why, that Mayor-woman actually cut two positions at the city golf course!

As usual, everyone's for reducing the cost of municipal services until their sacred cow gets slaughtered.

Then, one flash of unmentionable and it's Katie-bar-the-door time. That's the way it is every danged time ...

Better not tell them about Silverton; they got a crossdresser on the city council down there! That'd make their collective heads asplode.

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