04 February 2008

[design] Funniest. Kipple. Evar.

1328. I can't remember where I got this:

... but the random geometric shapes, the screened-back colors, the "Moist" and "Towelette" separated by all that space ... something ineffable about this package has me laughing my ass off inside.

As you can also see, it was taken in my evil lair in which I was hiding from Batman (Adam West version), as witness the tilt of the background. My secret is revealed.

Actually, the mere concept of moist towelette is just funny on its own. Quaint and funny. Just adding the word moist to some situations guarantees mirth.

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stan said...

It probably came from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Excuse me, I mean Moist Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, either that or Popeye's. I found it around work and a few of my cow-orkers do likey them the Popeye.

Moist Kentucky Fried Chicken is funny, but it leaves me with the "uh-oh" feeling kinda. So I'll still guarantee that adding the word moist to anything is still comedy gold, but use it with caution.