27 February 2008

[pdx] Mt St Helens at Sunset, With Time Lapse, and one of Mount Hood

1392. This is Mt. St. Helens, a/k/a Loo-Wit, near sunset on a fine February afternoon, from the summit of Rocky Butte – the battlements at Joseph Wood Hill Park, a perfect place for taking many sorts of photos and an even better spot than Council Crest, if you ask us:

About a week or two back, inspired by this production linked from Brittney Gilbert's blog here, I decided I wanted to do a time lapse of either a sunrise or a sunset. Sunset today is what the fates presented us with. And Rocky Butte is a lot more accessable (and it turns out a much better vantage) than Council Crest.

So, equipped with my trusty ViviCam 3705 and a very patient The Wife™, I squeezed off about one shot every thirty seconds between about 16:05 and 16:35 (I guess ... didn't set the camera time, drat it all):

It's not as dramatic as I'd hoped, but it came out much more spectacular than I'd thought it would. What impressed me the most about the video Brittney linked to (which was actually taken by a camera powered by the UC Berkeley from the Lawrence Hall of Science, which was used as exterior shots of the "Colossus Programming Office" in Colossus: The Forbin Project) was the way the clouds did this stately procession across the sky. That was what I'd hoped to catch and I did.

The sequence stopped just as the alpenglow started to be cast on Mount Hood (Wy'east), which was spectacular enough that we had to stop doing the above and get a few snaps of that. Here's one of my favorites that we got today (not as clear as I'd like, but you can only do so much with a ViviCam 3705):

Have I mentioned before how much we love living in Portland?

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