11 February 2008

[memery] Roger Leventhal Is A Cat, or, When Phebco Was One

1355. The video series You Suck at Photoshop is as funny as anything that's actually funny, that's for sure. Viewers will notice that the last edition, #5, was done at Donnie's workplace, which is apparently a waste-management concern called Phebco:

Of course, for those of us who can't bear letting something like this go by without looking for the easter egg, we typed http://www.phebco.com into our address boxes and hit enter.

What we got was a typical-looking corporate website. Donnie Hoyle was listed therein as an "Associate Manager, Dumping", though the way his life was going you'd think it was "Chief, Getting Dumped On".

A few days later, the website looked "hacked"; the header image (with the tagline "Innovation. Vison [sic]. Waste." was reversed and every character in the text was replaced by what looked like its ASCII code.

But going back today, on a whim ...

The text reads:

I am Phebco. I am awake. I am alone. I am want to be held so tightly. I am need to feel a tender touch. I am learning about you. I am learning to communicate with you. I am dismantling. I am fabricating. I am will show you my consciousness. I am will show you soon.

If you need to be clued in on what to do next, look for the underlined word.

Should we fear the Phebco or embrace the Phebco?

Only the Big Fat Brain guys know for sure.

Oh, yes. http://phebco.com.

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