02 February 2008

[bloggage] My Questions Are Out: SusanIsk To The White Courtesy Phone Please

1318. The Great Interview Challenge continues; my questions for SusanIsk have been sent. I'm standing by for her replies.

I decided to ask questions about the intersection of her blogging and her work. She looks like she leads a fairly interesting life; not only does she blog personally, she supervises the blog at her employ, which is apparently in the P.R. sphere.

There was at least one whimsical question.

Depending on the responses I get, I may graphic it up, like I did my answers to Q. I may just do it anyway. I appear to be on a roll.

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1 comment:

SusanIsk said...

I'm here; wish that I would've received an e-mail! Better late than never...

sus.isk at gmail dot com