03 February 2008

[pdx_media, liff] Nice Rack. What Happens To The Old One?

1323. Congratulations on JustOut's new newspaper rack debut. Those clusters of newspaper racks get kind of ratty really quick (that's just the way it is in the big city) and it's nice to see them refereshed every once in a while.

Though the rack is the standard plastic sort that we see very much of these days. they still stand out. Two reasons for this: the color purple (which, regardless of any cultural hook, is not much used. And, also because of the cultural hook), and the clear, uncomplicated masthead logo (designed by Portland's own Jeff Fisher (it should go without saying that we'd kill to get the chance to design a masthead for a major local periodical, but we're desperate for work, so we'll say it)).

It's important to stand out on corners like 10th and West Burnside, outside Powells – USAToday realized this back in the 1980s when they started. Awash with color and coming at you like a video game, they were sold out of street boxes that looked like videogames. They still stand out, and the design says something about them. JustOut's new boxes do both as well.

It's a zeitgeisty thing.

What I've always wondered is where the old ones go. Is there a street corner paper vendor graveyard somewhere? Are the cut into small pieces and distributed amongst the poor?

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stan said...

If they're in Portland, I'm sure they're recycled. Portlanders can recycle anything they put their mind to.

Alternately, perhaps they end up sharing space in the old Coke machine graveyard off of SE 7th and Madison.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, my dog! Oh, don piano! I'm so going to get a better look at that!