19 February 2008

[art] Surreality In Sim-Style rooms by Scott Teplin

1376. Scott Teplin is an artist with a compelling and slightly-disturbing vision.

In ink and color he crafts Sim City-ish rooms with the occasional edgy (or just plain weird) contents. His latest works involve the alphabet. The B (pictured) is a lovely little palatial think including creature comforts and an apparently-operational nuclear power station (complete with control room).

The A combines a cozy bedroom, a room with some sort of alien blob, and a room with a vortex going who-knows-where.

The site to see is http://www.teplin.com; his blog, FutureTrash, is where the work in progress happens. Beautiful stuff. I don't think any of it is NSFW, but some of it is a little edgy so, be advised.

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