12 August 2008

[liff] ShatnerVision, You People!




Because ... well, why not?

(click this link or the picture above to go to the video of Bill behind the scenes at the filming of the WoW "I'm a Shaman" commercial on LiveVideo. LV wants all content to run automatically, which is not what we like)

We should all be so lucky as Bill.

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Dale said...

Yes. Shatner should just keep that camera on him at all time and feed it live to the web. No sane person can doubt that it would succeed as a business venture. People would pay to watch him entering and exiting toilet stalls, looking through his junk mail, whatever.

Anonymous said...

With the amount of Big Brother series there have been, I bet they would! The general public-no offence to anyone in particular(click)- are idiots!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Dale: serousely, I just love watching the Shatman do what he does. That Shakespearean staccato ironically is so weird it makes whatever he does oddly authentic.

Actually, I find his personal story very compelling, especially the part between ST:TOS and ST:TMP–the one he refers to as "that period", where he lived in a camper and did whatever it took to get income to support his family. He didn't think anything was beneath him. I can admire a work ethic like that.

I think his reputation as an egomaniacal maniac is overstated. After all, he was groomed as the capital-s-Star of Star Trek, and you have to have an ego a little bigger than the average bear's to carry that off. Moreover, the more I learn about the fella, the more I find that there are just as many stories about him being decent as there are about him being an ass. He gets to live his life out loud. We should all be so lucky.

I think I'm digressing here. But, yes, the Shatman is inherently entertaining (he said without a trace of irony in his keystrokes)

SB: Someone once said the masses are asses, and on that I'm prone to agree. On the other had, I'd watch video of William Shatner riding a friggin' TriMet bus during rush hour (TriMet's our local Portland transit net). Seriously. I'd do it.

Dale said...

I just admire the way the guy rolls with it, whatever it turns out to be. Play a freaked out jet passenger for Twilight Zone? Check. Play a cowboy-astronaut-greek hero hybrid for a slightly cheesy science fiction series? Check. Do Priceline ads? Play a lawyer? Check.

When people want to treat him like a deity, he goes with it. When they want to treat him like a walking parody of empty celebrity, he goes with it. Whatevs!

He takes what life gives him, and willingly laughs at all of it and especially at himself. There's genius in that.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

What can I say except you've got it dead on, Dale.