05 August 2008

[pdx_music] CD Baby Is Getting A Sugar Daddy


Yea, I mucked up the article count again. Get back on the bike and move on ...

This flashed across our RSS readers today: Local independent distribution legend CD Baby has become a full-fledged subsidary of its strategic partner, Disc Makers. From the press release:

Disc Makers, the leader in CD and DVD manufacturing for independent artists and filmmakers, announced today the acquisition of CD Baby, the largest independent music seller in the world, following a 7-year close strategic partnership between the two companies.

The founder seems upbeat (sorry):

CD Baby will continue to operate as a separate company, focused on online CD sales, distribution, and download sales. CD Baby founder Derek Sivers commented: "It's amazing that this little hobby I started 10 years ago has benefited so many musicians. Disc Makers was my first choice to take the company to new heights. Their operational expertise is just what little CD Baby needed to grow up."

Sivers will continue to be involved with CD Baby as a consultant.

Good thing, bad thing, or merely thing, it looks like another Portland indie is going big-time.

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Anonymous said...


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yeah ... heh ... yay, us!

I think.

CD Baby got my attention because they are so cool and empower people who need it. So this was important news, I think.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the lack of enthusiasm, I just don't know what CD baby is or even where Oregon is on the map.
I'm European not just a Geographical moron.

Anyway I put a link to your blog on my new blog!

Blogs, bringing people together for....well a while now...

pril said...

Sam! Sam! Help me! Where is "European"?!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

SB: Thas okay. We can all be lucky enough to be born in Oregon!

But it must be writ large somewhere that a whole lot of good things start here and as soon as they get big the run off to the big city.

I've always to be famous so I could stay in Oregon and say "Suck it everyone! Oregon rules!"

Because it does.

PS: Blog link reciprocated. Thanks, dude. You rule, too, even if you are European.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


I donno where "European" is. Me and my crack research staff (consisting, in addition to me, of myself and I) will get on that one right away.

Tho SB is living for the time being somewhere in Australia. Which means "European" is either a suburb of Melbourne, Sydney, or Perth.

Anonymous said...

Well I meant I am European, not i am there. Meaning I am FROM Europe. And um....SJKP: you're right I'm near Perth in a lovely place called Fremantle, I don't see why it HAD to be any of those three places though