15 August 2008

[design_tools] We're Sure There's Nothing At All Untoward Happening Under That Clone-Stamped Grove Of Trees ...


... after all, what exactly could Holland be developing that would require such ham-handed use of Photoshop's clone stamp tool? Stealth clogs? Cancer-curing cheese? Attack polders? High-megaton musicals?

I'm sure the Dutch government will never say. But, as broken by Photoshop Disasters, about one mile west of the town center of Brummen, which is about 12 miles SE of Apeldoorn, along a road with the tonguetwisting name of Eerbeeksweg and along the west side of a local golf course (the Dutch got golf courses?) there's a most interesting hurst of trees:

Follow this link to Google maps view and zoom in real close. those white tops to the trees look suspiciously similar for a reason; they were, most likely, either copied-and-pasted or, even more likely, produced with the clone stamp tool. You do this to cover up things.

But why would someone be so ham-handed about it?

Probably to generate a bunch of blog posts.

Mission accomplished.

Of course, we do notice the recent proliferation of Dutch Bros. coffee stands here in the Portland area, and can't help but wonder.

In which case, we welcome our new Dutch Masters. They have great coffee. They can have the cigars, though.

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