08 August 2008

[design, teh_funnay] Donnie Disses Baldwin and Destroys The Evidence: It's You Suck At Photoshop #14!


Donnie has a situation. Donnie is in a hurry, and Donnie has no freaking time to show you a few nifty animation tricks in Photoshop, so pay attention!

Seriously, though, you may not know that you can do animation with Photoshop. Yes, and some basic film editing too ... importing video files as layers and such, and exporting them back out as video files.

One of my instructors in school laid it out to me; ImageReady is a tool for making animated GIFs. It also does a mad keen job of optimizing for web. ImageReady is no more, and is not a CS3 app, but it's still with us: all its base are now belong to PSCS3, including animation and web optimization.

But today is all about editing video in a hurry ... and mocking the most mockable Baldwin brother, Stephen.

Oh, BTW, here's a reminder in three parts:

  1. Don't download Ronnie!

  2. Don't email your Ronnie mashups to Donnie.

  3. And whatever you do, please, dear God, don't encourage others to look at the Ronnie photos!

Think you can handle that?

dotcom. (Go to the MDC YSAP page to find out how you're not supposed to do that stuff)

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Anonymous said...

What? I've still got ImageReady here, I just don't know what it is...

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, ImageReady was like Photoshop's kid sister, and was good for optimizing graphics for web and animating GIFs.

I suppose the best way to describe ImageReady is to think of a stripped-down version of Photoshop with an animation palette and a web-optimization dialog.

If you had Photoshop 7, then you could swap over to ImageReady by clicking on a button at the bottom of the toolbar. As Photoshop moved up through the Creative Suite versions, various functions, notably the "Save For Web", began to blur the line between PS and IR. In Photoshop CS2, the "Save For Web" dialog boasted that it was "Powered By ImageReady"; such is the marvel of an integrated environment and shared code-base.

With PSCS3, though, ImageReady has been completely folded into Photoshop. The "Save For Web and Devices" dialog is all but identical to the similar ImageReady function, and the Photoshop CS3 animation palette is also identical to the ImageReady palette.

ImageReady is a stand-alone application, and you don't have to fire up Photoshop to run it. If you want to do true Photoshoppery, though, you'll find it falls a bit short. It's just the thing for creating animated image files, though.