22 August 2008

[tutorials] I'm Vector Banana, And I'm Here To Say ...


(via Creative Curio) One thing I learned in tech editing Pariah's last book on Illustrator is that Illy can be used to create nearly realistic (or completely realistic, if you're guru enough) renderings of objects that almost look as good as photos.

These can get quite challenging ... it's advanced, though the components are easy enough to understand. In this bit, guest author Esben stops by Lauren's Creative Curio to tell the tale of creating a realistic vector banana.

The tale is quite interesting, and should be tried even if you don't get it done the first time:

But what is the point of realistic vector renderings? I can hardly imagine any customers wanting this and less so, paying for it! Well, why do people climb K2 in a blizzard? The same reason I guess: to show off and impress girls. Heh, other than that, this tutorial seems pointless.

Of course technical drawings could be an answer, but since I can’t tell Philip screws from - ehm… regular ones, I don’t think there is a reason to go through this, except for the girls of course! But is there anyone who has an idea how this could be useful or perhaps even receive this kind of work from a paying client?

Clients aside, I do think this exercise is important for establishing best practices. I’ve seen my fair share of amateurish vector designer, making complicated logos with tons of opacity mask. All that fluff just makes it difficult to work the file in an efficient way.

Go here and do likewise.

(You know, I really ought to start a list on the sidebar about the cool tutes I find from time to time)

PS to LaurenMarie: The letterpress cards arrived. They are, as I expected, divine. Well done!

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