20 August 2008

[map_design] Seattle: Still Not Cool Enough For Google Street View


(via UtterlyBoring.com) Google StreetView is blanketing Oregon, slowly covering our fair state in its loving, slightly-BigBrotherly goodness.

Not only can you viturally tool around most streets in the Portland urban area, but you can also tour Ontario, that dry, dusty, but sweet and friendly town on the Oregon-Idaho border.

We also note that StreetView takes in a goodly chunk of southwest Washington, as well the environs of the capital of the Inland Empire, the comely Spokane. Looky here:

But what iconic, undeservedly-overpopular northwestern city doesn't still have one inch of StreetView?

Tha's right.

Suck it, Seattle.

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pril said...

hey sweet i can now pinpoint and show my friends exactly WHERE i got arrested in Ontario for bothering a cop while he was flirting with some girl.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Wow. I didn't know that cock-blocking a cop was on the books in Ontario. And up till now I just thought it was cool because I love the street layout.

You get places that make me laugh out loud, you know that?