20 August 2008

[photography] I Can't Believe It's Not Photoshopped


(via The Fire Wire) Some photos look amazing enough that you've just got to believe they're Photoshoppery ... but they ain't. They're real.

Cracked magazine, which at one time was the poor man's Mad magazine but, on the intarweb, has become trenchant, witty, and quite cool, have compiled a list of 15 images you won't believe are real ... they sure look like they used more than $125 worth of Photoshop. Photos such as this:

This really is a jet airliner coming in for a controlled landing a mere handful of feet above the heads of people on a beach.

And this beggars explanation. For all we know, it might be coming for us. And it's real.

And they have the pictures of the parking garage directional signage that I did a few entries back.

The whole article is right here. One of them is kinda-NSFW and in poor taste ... even though it's lighthouse gummis. It's yours for the finding.

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Iron Fist said...

It looks like something for strip mining.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

That's just what it appears to be. If you follow the link in the Cracked.com article there's a whole bunch of stuff on it being used for its intended purpose.

If you don't feel so inclined, here the direct link: