21 August 2008

[tutorials] How To Draw A Glass Of Beer At Work


(via BoingBoing) You do it in Photoshop.

Of course, you have to work in the kind of place that has Photoshop. Alternative, and if you are so blessed, take your Photoshop-enabled laptop to work and have your beer on your lunch-hour.

Photoshop artist Eren Göksel provides us with this wicked cool tute via PSDTUTS. It uses a wide range of PS skillz, including work paths, curves, gradients, warp transforms, layer masks, and more.

It's worth it, if you want to get a workout on some PS skillz that you'll use again and again.

I have no time to run the tute right now, but plan to a little later. results herein.

The tutor, for what it's worth, is using PShop CS3.

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