29 August 2008

[us_politik] Breaking: McCain Chooses Palin For Running Mate


Going for the Monty Python vote?

Oh, wait ... not that Palin, but this one?

Oh well that's different then ... sorry about that.

Although Michael would make one dandy Inquisitor. His record speaks for itself.

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Dale said...

I thought about Michael Palin too.

Now, had McSame chosen Michael Palin instead, I would have paused ever so briefly before voting against him. Alas, this is a very different Palin.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, yeah. Not only do I think that Mr Palin is not exactly on board with the republican program (he's too smart for that) but it would introduce problems with him being born in a different country.

However, it would make us face the immigrant question in a new and very strange way.