24 August 2008

[netwerken] Verve Earth ... What Good Is It?


Since I am, in my humble opinion, a vastly underrated blogger, I look for any opportunity I can to network and to get the name out there. And one of the things I've stumbled on is Verve Earth.

Verve Earth is (or seems to be) another way to aggregate blogs, with each person who embeds Verve HTML into thier pages being mapped to a Google earth map. It's easy, once you click on the Verve badge, to begin to surf blogs as to location and region. So far, the Verve-linked blogs in Oregon mostly center in the greater Portland area, though there are a few out in the hinterlands.

I'm favoriting local blogs as a way of trying to connect to the greater whole. I've found some unexpected Verve-ers; Bpaul, whose blog I enjoy (and have linked to) is one, as so is The Wines Family's blog (I'm not big on Duck football, but I do find the "What Is It" regular feature quite witty).

Is there any other local Verve-ers who'd like to connect? Just click on the Verve Earth Badge in this post (or in the sidebar) and shout at me on the Wall. You might find out I've already favorited you ...

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Iron Fist said...

Neat...I'll have to check that out!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, I'll tell you something ... it does make regional blog surfing very interesting. Wonder what people are saying about a geo-area? Just go there!

It's awesome that way.