12 August 2008

[liff, graphics] Who Says I Don't Win Anything?


(NB: There may (or may not) be those who would point out that, by rights, the last post (about ShatnerVision) should be post #1701. That's the way the yarrow sticks fall, people.)

A few days back I commended you all to a series about letterpress printing that Lauren at CreativeCurio.com did. I thought it was wicked interesting and I think everyone should read it. I also mentioned that there was a comments drawing where Lauren was giving away a few sets of the very lovely cards that she was making in that print run.

I am pleasantly surprised to find out that I'm one of the lucky winners. I will be recieving a set of letterpress cards with the Happy Day! design, which will do a bit of cheering up, no mistake there.

Thanks, Lauren!

And read CreativeCurio.com, you people.

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LaurenMarie - Creative Curio said...

Aw, you're welcome Samuel! I sure hope they will cheer you up! Sometimes I think letterpress greeting cards (or maybe just greeting cards in general) are not something that men usually like to receive as a prize/gift. I'm pleased to see you are excited to receive them! I do hope you enjoy :) And thanks for all the insistence to your readers to read CC :D

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, dudeness or no, you just have to love letterpress. There's real art in the old fashioned ways of doing things, maybe because now that we have all these shiny 'puters, it's gone from commonplace to exceptional. Also there's the artisan angle.

Your in my RSS library. I think you should be in everyones!