13 August 2008

[design] Ryohei Hase: Photoshop Of The Macabre


(via Programmer Fish) Ryohei Hase creates disturbing, macabre images of realistic detail. Some of them are the stuff of bad dreams. If Hieronymous Bosch had a computer and Photoshop, he'd paint things like this.

Hase works entirely in Photoshop, proving that PS is not just for LOLcats anymore.

I'm betting if someone asked him what his influences were, he'd cite Giger.

So, leave your normal with the hat check girl and surf this link with the requisite care.

If you want to see how he does what he does and get an idea on how he did the human rabbits, he has a short tutorial on basic skill here at DeviantArt. Don't let the "DeviantArt" part fool you ... this display is done to a very high standard.

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