20 August 2008

[net_life] Muxtape Is Dead (for now) ... Long Live 8 Tracks!


Hey, bunky ...  you down because Muxtape has been (at least temporarily, but we suspect for longer) levelled by the RIAA?

Well, don't be down.

Because now, stepping into the breach, is 8Tracks.

8Tracks, it's said, exploits little-known features in copyright law loopholes to stay out of trouble ... at least that's the way it looks on paper:

David isn’t going to get sued because he’s taking advantage of a provision in the much-derided Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which gives him a compulsory license if he operates as a “non-interactive Webcaster”. In English, that means he can stream any music he wants, as long as he pays a royalty, and if he’s running the equivalent of an online radio station.

The paradigm is that you can upload your own music or pick-a-mix from the tracks people have already uploaded. And the first few times you play back your own mix, you only hear 30 seconds of each song, which works into the copyright law. Somehow. We think.

Oh, yes. the link: http://8tracks.com.

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