15 September 2008

[bloggage] Sixty Kay


Amidst the hurly and the burly and the moving and the grooving that was the SiteMeter aborted reboot yesterday, I hit the 60,000th Visitor:

ZehnKatzen's 60,000th Visitor

(clicky to embiggen).

It happened on the 14th Sept 2008 at 22:55:01. The visitor was from somewhere in Portland. Sadly, since I'm still not rich'n'famous, no prize will be given out.

I'm serious, people. The bettter I do, the better the people I know do. Capische?

(In sincerity, thanks, whoever you were. I don't take my meagre popularity for granted. I value every hit I get, and, hopefully, I add as much interest to your blog surfing as others do to mine. Again, thanks).

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