09 September 2008

[bloggage] 500 Visitors To Go


Just noticing that of the time of this blog posting, I'm at 59,500. A 500-visitor day, while uncommon for me, is not completely out of the realm of possiblility. Can anybody out there help me with this bit of shameless self-promotion?

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stan said...

There's one more for you!

Nicole said...

Just trying to help out!

pril said...

Since I only get like 3 hits a week I'm sure I can't help much from Prilalia, but here's another one!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks you guys. That's really cool of all of you. If I don't get any more today. your comments really made my day already.

Dale said...

Have you tried posting some porn? Something about UFOs? Pornographic UFOs?