26 September 2008

[teh_funnay] It's a Freakin' Unexpected Double Feature Video Friday!


The scene, we are happy to note, has been punched up a bit by two highly unexpected and welcome video bits, so we have a double feature today, from both the Big Fat Brain Boys and our favorite scourge of the Engrish-speaking world, Kiko!

First, in an interlude in You Suck At Photoshop, we find Sn4tchbuckl3r taking a few moments out from the Battle for Peopleburg with a PSA about honesty. And with a friend like Donnie Hoyle, he should know (warning: Slightly NSFW, teh f-bomb is dropped once or twice (but in an extremely witty way))

Looks like Peopleburg has gone straight to heck.

Meanwhile, Season 2 of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show debuts, minus Cownicorn, who is stinkin' up the place. Kiko and crew have restored the fun-timing by doing what many do ... moving to better digs. And, for some bizarre reason, Lick Poop Rick Pope shows up, apparently willingly, for more abuse.

It's a Global Housewarming at Kiko's place, and the Intermets hottest, funniest, and most disturbing woman-child invites everyone:

These two videos suggest that there is a God, and that God wants me to be happy.

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