25 September 2008

[logo_design] The Guy Who Did Two Of PDX's Major TV Station Logos ...


... is, I've found out, one John Christopher Burns, a designer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

KOIN Logo 2008He has a very impressive portfolio. Not only is he responsible for KOIN's new look, he also crafted the original "NorthWest NewsChannel 8" look (though they don't use that now, he can take some consolation in the new look being so clearly based on his former design, and that they decided to go with the call sign in the logo (which we gave high marks to as well)).

His logo work is here. Another notable client is Greensboro SC's WYFF Channel 4, were a certain expat PDX little lost robot works.

Do I wish I was this guy. Hell yeah ... except for the living in Atlanta part (nothing personal, JCB, Dixie's just not my can'o'beer).

By the way, a spirited discussion on KOIN's new look (including a critique by myself) can be found at Oregon Media Insiders ... here.

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