02 September 2008

[liff] What's Better Than One Klein Bottle?


(via BoingBoing) This, in case the reader is uninitiate, is a Klein bottle:

The Klein bottle (follow the link to Wikipedia for an in-depth, eye-glazing talk on what-all) is a non-orientable surface. It only has one side to it. The physical Klein has to take liberties because the true Klein is a 4-D surface. But the above representation, by the late glass artist Mitsugi Ohno, comes as close as any possiblly can (the hole through which the neck re├źnters the bottle, by not physically intersecting the body, comes as close as physically possible to true).

Is it not grand? Depending on the POV you adopt, the entire universe is either outside this thing, or in it.

But enough staring into the abyss. the point was, if one Klein is good, what's awsome? Three nested Kleins:

No, your head hasn't asploded. It just feels that way.

Remember, the whole Universe is inside that thing, Handle it with care.

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Kaz Maslanka said...

Ya gotta love it!

Dale said...

Wow. Just, wow. Consider me asploded.