08 September 2008

[bloggage, pdx_bloggers] Alan Cordle Steps Into The Breach For Portland Bloggers


I give you PorBlogs.

One of the things that I sore miss with the demise of the amazing ORBlogs was the sense of community. It was easy to see what your neighbors who were similarly obsessed with telling the world all about themselves. We found great new reads that want.

One of the reasons we all must blog, I think, is because we like to write, and we like to read ... and we like to read others who like to write for people who like to read such people. Reading other people. Other people writing. Gah ... paging intellect, paging intellect, pull up, pull up ...

Ahh. That's better. Anyhow! Alan Cordle, who I admire for his honesty and wit, has used the ORBlogs swansong to move something up he's been working on: PorBlogs, a blog aggregator for Portland bloggers.

Of which I am one. And he included me, so it's already awesome. It rocks being a charter member.

It also includes this dude and this mom and something very current and some good stuff and one witty curmudgeon and one 'nother curmudgeon and one beautiful gardener and cook and a big-mouthed Brit expat reporter and a bunch of eavesdroppers and a view from a rooftop and what they're a-brewin' and a-drinkin' on that rooftop and a hot librarian (everyone needs a hot librarian) a man of God and me (playing the part of a graphic designer who can't buy a break ... oh, wait, I'm not playing) and a polite bus rider and some brave thinking-outside-the-box.

It doesn't replace ORBlogs (what could?) because of its strictly-Portland-defined remit, but it does provide a point-of-community for Portland Bloggers. It does fill a niche that hasn't been directly service (a Portland blogger aggregating strictly-PDX blogs) but one which can be quite successful: They've been doing it that way  in Saint Louis for a long time now, releasing every STL-based Zig for great justice.

Maybe this will be the beginning of more regional Oregon-blog aggregation, in which every local aggregator will produce a superior outlet that is as attuned to the local needs of the local bloggers as can be. This can be an incredibly good thing, and PorBlogs can lead the way.

And thanks, Alan, for including me. I'm exceedingly flattered and grateful.

Want to join PorBlogs? Surf here for that information.

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pril said...

if I had even the slightest clue about how to build something like that, I'd put one together for the rest of Oregon. The not-Portland area, not-Eugene, not-Salem part. I'd even take some time to learn how to do it if I wasn't already sort of drowning in stuff.

The LOL Scadian said...
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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, all Alan's doing is putting up a WordPress blog with plugins. It's actually a very simple aggregator that gets the job done.

Something to think about.