27 September 2008

[liff_as_art] More Surveillance Society Art: PPP T-Shirt. For Sale, Naturally.


(via BoingBoing) Here, as promoted by Design By Humans, is radiomode's PPP (for Perversion of Paranoid Populace) t-shirt:

PPP T-shirt

As these examples of dark humor become more and more manifest, we find ourselves forced to contemplate the cause-and-effect chain inherent here. This is an ironic reference to what some fear may become too common. Humor has a reputation of throwing a light on the blemishes we endure day to day. What do knowing references to a perception of an overwhelming need to keep tabs on everyone regardless of what they're doing (in a country where we famously revere the right to be left the hell alone) expressed in such an ironic, self-aware way say about what we think about ourselves and where our society is headed?

Or does it say anything at all?

Smile, you're on radar.

Here's looking at you, kid. Seriously.

That said, we can't fault the graphic design of this. Very well done.

Oh, yeah, you can buy one of your own. 25 U.S. Buck-a-roonis. Here.

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Rizzo said...

That is a beautiful shirt

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, the design hits it over the fence ... that's for certain. Really well done.