14 September 2008

[pdx_bloggers] Meta: Oregon Reality About To Get A Bojack Blowback


Some time ago, a very small mind created a blog called, half-correctly, Oregon Reality (don't worry, good peoples, I nofollowed that link). One thing he set about doing was baiting the Bogman. Noted and passed here, it seemed like a troll ... rude, but a troll. The Bogman noted it with some class. People moved on.

Maybe the anonyblogger wasn't happy with merely being noted, or maybe s/he thought they smelled blood. Whatever. Whoever they are, they took it nuclear:

liar, hypocrite and irresponsible father Jack Bogdanski, instead of spending time with his family, remains hunched in front of his computer making up all sorts of speculation about his arch-enemy Sarah Palin. He's earned his daily falsehood blog entry per diem with another bogus attempt to discredit his evil nemesis Palin This time, internet addict Bogdanski (I really feel sorry for his children who will no doubt seek therapy as adults because they never saw their dad) is grasping at straws regarding Palin's per diem payments received while she serves as Governor of Alaska

There was once, seemed not so long ago, a time where we could live with each other and be nice and not ncessarily share opinions. That time clearly is past, if I may be excused the trite observation. I've been tooling around the InfoSuperDriveway since the says of UseNet and I've seen a lot of bad behavior. Trolls are trolls and baiting is baiting, but there is taking it too far. That sort of thing isn't exactly the sort of thing that you can step back from and say "just jokin'! Friendlies."

Now, for the meta.

Meta Point One: Oregon Reality posts anonymously ... or so they think. Unless you're a 'net guru with mad skills and mojo, if you're going to toss blog Molotovs, you shouldn't assume (remembering that when you assume, it makes an ass out of Uma Thurman ... won't someone think of the Uma?) that you can cover all your tracks.

Meta Point Two: A lot of people will ignore you. Some people's patience, however, is finite.

Meta Point Three, with extra added local blog history: Jack Bogdanski has shown mad skill in figuring out who you are and where you post from. Armed with nothing more than a SiteMeter report and his site logs, he will figure out who you are. Don't think so? Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for ... oh, June, 2006. In this archived posting, local political blogger Torrid Joe, of Loaded Orygun, found out that going off half-cocked at The Bogman has consequences, to his dismay.

Connect the dots, Oregon "Reality".

Nervous yet?

You should be.

And you and me and everyone we know will track back to The Bogman on Tuesday noon to see who you are. Hope you have a bunker ready.

Because The Bogman's a lawyer. He knows about slander and libel.

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1 comment:

stan said...

"There was once, seemed not so long ago, a time where we could live with each other and be nice and not necessarily share opinions."

I still think we're living in those times. 'Splains why you and I keep visiting each other's blogs while remaining pretty much on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

(The key for me is just to not talk about political things, unless they happen to be a side story to something else I think is funny, like when that Arkansas Democrat recently got shot [tragic] and they took the chair [funny] to the hospital.)