08 September 2008

[liff] Sadly, We Are Not Actually Looking For Mongolian Real Estate


The kind of spam we get these days. spoofed via an adobe.com email address (clicky to embiggen):

While having a 1 bedroom 120 square metres (about 1300 square feet) near an Irish pub would be grand, no doubt, the location – Ulaanbataar (once spelt Ulan Bator) – the capital city of Mongolia – leaves something to be desired.

But the big question, of course, is You mean there's an Irish pub in Mongolia? True, that! Who knew?

Nothing against Mongolia, mind. Just not my can of beer. Altho I imagine that the microbrew there probably blows ... oh, there I've gone and said it, haven't I?

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Anonymous said...

Cool, an Irish pub in Mongolia.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yeah, I know. Isn't that just awesome on its own? How do you suppose their Guinness-pouring skills are?

I wonder if they actually have Guinness.