01 September 2008

[now] Breaking: Hurricane Gustave Live Feeds


(via BlogOfNewOrleans) Go to this page for live feeds from all four major NOLA television news orgs.

Be prepared for a lot of noise. It's happening now, now, now ...

Barges have broken free ... Industrial Canal levee overtopped ... but no levee breaches.

They use the words dodged the bullet a little too much. I'm sure the people whose property is getting damaged won't think the same thing. But it is looking, at this point, like it won't be another Katrina.

The storm has yet to play out, of course. It's impacting the coast now.

Some screengrabs:

And, for scale, here's some fearless, foolish fellah in front. The walls are between 12.2 and 15 feet in height.

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