28 September 2008

[pdx_photos] St Johns Bridge and Cathedral Park: At the Toe of a Giant


The Saint Johns Bridge is indeed a curious creature. From a distance it is a delicate thing of spun green glass. But from close up:

St Johns Bridge Tower

.... intimidating. The gothic spires - recapitulated in the outer margins of the tower - are inspiring, and tend one toward contemplation of the infinite.

There should have been an M.C. Escher-esque artist out of Saint Johns.

The view down the arches is what gave Cathedral Park its name:

Cathedral Park Arches

Cathedral Park, says the Portland Dept of Parks and Rec:

...got its name from a photo of the St. Johns Bridge by Al Monner that appeared on the front page of the Oregon Journal in 1968. Reference was made to its beautiful cathedral-like arches and the park found its name.

As we've established elsewhere, the house we live in is the one Al Monner owned when he was working his magic. His custom darkroom is just off my studio space. So, even though I'm not the only person to have ever taken a picture of Cathedral Park, I somehow think this completes a sort of circle.

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Dale said...

... and a very nice couple of photos they are. Granted, you quite possibly had me at your choice of subjects, as I am a sucker for bridges, but even so, these are very nicely done.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks, Dale.

I like to think I bring something new to a subject. There are many pics of Cathedral Park but this one's special because ... we'll, because I made this one.

And too that tower photo was composited. Long live Photoshop Photomerge!