05 September 2008

[bloggage] ORBlogs, C'est mort.


Paul Bausch has pulled the plug.

Thank you for reading and contributing to the site. ORblogs has stopped gathering post excerpts from Oregon blogs, though the current weblog directory will be available for another 30 days.

When I started ORblogs in March 2003, there weren't many good ways to find bloggers living in a particular area. And because I had recently moved to Corvallis, I wanted to learn what I could from people living near me. The site personally put in me touch with bloggers across the state, taught me a lot about Oregon and its cities (including Corvallis), and I hope the site did the same for others. I feel ORblogs served an important role for Oregon blogging by gathering independent voices across all spectrums into one place where everyone shared a common geography.

I'm shutting ORblogs down now because the site continues to grow and the job of maintaining the site at the level I feel is necessary to keep it valuable has grown with it, putting it out of the bounds of a hobby. I wasn't able to make ORblogs self-sustaining financially (let alone turn it into a job), and I can no longer devote the time to the site that it needs to grow. Blogging has changed significantly in five years, and blogging is no longer a hobby for many—it's a job. Commercial blogging isn't as interesting to me as the personal web and that factored into my decision as well.

Thanks again for making ORblogs what it has been over the years. Please take a last look through the directory, find your favorite Oregon blogs, and subscribe to them in your newsreader if you haven't already. There are some spectacular voices in Oregon blogging that I will now have to read another way. I still believe it's important to read locally while I read globally, and I hope you agree and continue to make the effort.

I guess it couldn't have gone on forever, being the labor of love that it was and that he gave away.

But this really ruins my day. Seriously.

We'll not see his like around here again soon, I fear.

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Dale said...

I saw that and it surprised me. I've come across a goodly number of fine blogs via the ORblogs thing so I'll miss it. Dang.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

What I'm going to miss is one of the few blog aggregators that wouldn't snub me.

I'm just not worthy enough for any others. But ORBlogs let me feel like I'm part of a community.

Anonymous said...

I found a lot of interesting articles at this blog and received a lot of new readers at my blog from this site. It's too bad it had to shut down as there is not an equal replacement that I am aware of.

Larry Fire
The Fire Wire
Vancouver, WA