12 September 2008

[design] Clever Ads: They Aren't Just For Print Anymore


(via The Fire Wire) Larry has a knack for spotting things I miss, and here, he's spotted a whole bunch of nifty ads that literally make the viewer part of the ad, showing a mastery of perspective and point-of-view. Here are my favorites:

Beckham can get bent ...

I bet he can't do this:

giant soccer player

And you thought YOU had a dreary job ...

On the other hand, I've always wondered what was inside of one of those fancy ATMs.

Nom nom nom ...

It's high in fiber too!

Must ... have ... coffee ...

I'd hate to run into this if I missed my morning cuppa.

I'll take "Bags That Leave Me With The 'Uh-Oh' Feeling" for $200, Alex ...

I want to obsessively-complusively scrub my hands just looking at those.

You might want to thin that rat's nest out a bit ...

Ironically, I used to have one of those combs back when I was in High School. True Story!

View the whole gallery of insane 3D Brilliance at Larry's blog here.

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