13 September 2008

[design, teh_funnay] Were You One Of The 6.721 Billion Who Survived The End of The World?


(via io9) If you were one of the nearly 6,722,000,000 people who survived the activation of the Large Hadron Collider, perhaps you'd be interested in a nice t-shirt to Celebrate the occasion. This design graphically hits it out of the park with me (love the retro font and the flat color scheme and the dumb-*ss double entendre):

You can get that one here. The SF omnibus io9 has a whole list of them in no particular order of quality, but if I were spending on geek fashion, here's the one's I'd go for, in order of teh_funnay:

Altho I do wonder ... if they find the Higgs boson, will the find the Higgs boson's mate alongside? Ah, science!

Speaking of which (via BoingBoing), they're selling a cute cuddly and (apparently) happy little Higgs boson for your boson's mate (make clicky here see one) for $9.75/collision (plus s/h).

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