04 September 2008

[design] Still More Business Card Cleverness


(via Larry at The Fire Wire) There have, since my first missive about such, been two more galleries of really envelope-pushing business cards posted over at The Fire Wire. Of that batch, here are my best-in-show:

Dave Blank's card (above) is wittily recursive ... multiple times.

You don't even have to guess at the kind of shop Amy Grossman works at:

As a map lover, this next one is, you might say, right up my street. It folds just like a real map, and even has cover art:

And you might want to take two copies of this one, because you just know you're going to lose the one you pop out and make into a rather adorable little plane:

Now, I love coffee ... and I'd love to have a copy of this one, which comes in a tiny burlap bag (wonder if it's scented) ...

The mind boggles at this one ... this little metal card is simply amazing:

And if you want one to send you a fax ... well, here's your card:

As with the others Larry's found, the real kick about these cards is that it gets the recipient in on the game. A clever presentation almost makes the card-reciever an accomplice in your campaign. In that way, we suppose it's possible to get a little too clever ... coming up with a die-cut card that has a pop out that destroys the information you're trying to convey comes to mind.

Probably not everyone will need this level of geiuns. But the cards work and, as such, show us what is possible, and make a big field for the designer to play on.

The full galleries can be seen as The Fire Wire here: Part II and Part III.

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