19 September 2008

[design] New YSAP #17 ... Photomerge ... It's Donnie Day Again!


Donnie is back with another episode out of the tortured heck that is his life. This time, he demonstrates something that I actually don't suck at ... Photomerge. I rather rule at this actually.

Photomerge is a pre-packaged automation that takes a bunch of photos you've had to tile and stitches them together in one big photo. It's actually quite amazing. This photo of the Oregon State Capitol building:

Oregon State Capitol Building

Was created using my trusty old ViviCam 3705, standing back in the middle of Court Street in Salem, and taking eight or ten pictures that I made sure to overlap, then uniting them all in Photoshop using Photomerge. Can't take huge pictures? Photomerge is the next best thing.

Oh, yes ... the episode. Donnie skates us to the edge of the "uh-oh" feeling as per usual. Now not only is Ricky after him, so is the spurned Sandy. And Donnie is trying to get Sna4tchbuckl3r to help him out with those flash drives that he apparently hid all over Covington, Kentucky. And, with Photomerge, he can stitch it all into one, big "this goes out if I get capped" picture:

Here, at episode #17, we don't know about you, but we see a foreshadowing of exactly what's going on with those flash drives ... and we kind of fear for Donnie, actually. This is going to end in tears, we just know.

Big Fat Institute rocks our world, though. That's true.

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