11 September 2008

[us_politik] They're Caging Snowbirds?


(via KPOJ) Thom Hartmann was off the air today and Lee Rayburn (of Madison's legendary 92.1 FM "The Mic" ... the progressive talk station that refused to die) was sounding off about voter caging.

Yes, they're doing it again. The dread republican pirates are apparently sending out documents looking like absentee ballots to addresses identified as Democratic, with the "do not forward" mark on them:

Have you received a absentee ballot from the McCain campaign? They may be trying to have you dropped from the voter registration list (i.e. "caging"), but they are definitely trying to cause confusion with Democratic voters. There is no evidence that the McCain campaign is sending absentee ballots to Republican voters.

The way it all works, see, is that letters marked "do not forward" are, of course, returned to sender, in this case someone who doesn't want to see Democrats vote. A caging list is built from the returned mail and is used to challenge votes in close areas ... votes which, are most likely, Democratic – and who just didn't happen to be home when the mail came. If you send something looking like an absentee balllot (especially if the recpient didn't ever register for one), then it looks real official.

Voter fraud: it's never a problem until it looks like a Democrat might win.

The Brennan Center has a splendid article on past incidences of predatory anti-Democratic voter caging here. It goes back farther than you'd think.

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