09 September 2008

[photoshoppery] The LOL SCAdian


All hands down for the bad one: a colleague of mine in the local parts of the Society for Creative Anachronism, known in the Society as Eulalia de Ravensfeld, without whom this world would a hell of a lot less funny and wild, brings the LOLz:

This is an untapped vein of comedy gold, because, as we know, LOLing is eternal and evergreen. Hell, they actually have a whole yearly convention ... ROFLCON ... devoted to LOLculture.

Does the coining of the mere word LOLculture foreshadow the death of civilization and TEOTWAWKI? Maybe. Maybe. But if it does, at least it's funny.

Such is the wild talent that is her humor, she can breathe new life into a tired fad:

It's time for the pirate fad to lay down and die, but at least we can give it a funny headstone.

Here's Eulalia's Flickr. Enjoy.

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1 comment:

smokybanjo said...

Am I the only one who finds these LOL cats and Roflcopters? incredibly annoying?