18 May 2008

[bloggage] "Samuel", Who Leaves Us Comments

1557. A blog I enjoy generally has just linked to me, and I'm flattered and thrilled.

Those of you who are MyDamnChannel habitués, as I am, are no doubt familiar with Grace. Her vlog, Daily Grace, is a bunch of things ... witty, funny, a little crazy, a little banal sometimes. But once you get the Grace habit, it's hard to drop it. Bedtime Stories ... oh, funny as hell.

Grace is one half of Grace 'n' Michelle, a vlogging duo in New York. I found that vlog after watching all I could of Grace on MDC. They're two women who just like being goofy and themselves and that's hella-entertaining.

Here's what I mean. Grace'n'Michelle recorded a very short video entitled Disney Digital Shorts:

They be crazyfunny women.

Crazyfunny women are some of my favorite people in the world. They always make me smile, they always make me laugh, and they are never ever dull. Grace'n'Michelle are awesome that way.

And, for commenting on thier vlog, they've blessed me with a link. From them, I am "Samuel", who leaves us comments. See? That made me smile. It made my day. Because I am. And I do.

You women rock in major ways. Thanks for the link.

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Michelle of GnM said...

Thanks for the comments ;)


Grace said...

Grace is commenting on "Samuel", who leaves us comments"!


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Man, after commenting on Grace 'n Michelle, being "Samuel", who leaves them comments, then Grace 'n Michelle (and this is a thrill) leave "Samuel", who leave them comments, comments, one from Grace and one from Michelle.

If I were courageous I would leave a comment on Grace 'n Michelle and title it "Samuel", who leaves you comments, leaving you comments after leaving "Samuel" who leaves you comments, comments, on his blog.

Dare I? With great power comes great responsibility.

PS: Michelle, thanks for the Facebook friend request. Answered in the affirmative.