08 May 2008

[design] This Person Has Our Number, That's For Sure ...


You know you're a graphic designer when ...

  • You are pro-Facebook because 95% of the MySpace pages burn your retinas.

  • You critique every piece of design you see without realizing it (ex: “That is a horrible Photoshop mask!” or “I wouldn’t use that color scheme. A softer blue would do just nicely.”)

  • You buy a CD, DVD or book for the artwork, even if you have no idea what the actual music, film or story is like. Even worse, you don’t actually watch, listen or read it, you just stare at it for hours and hug it in adoration.

  • Forget the Boy-Wonder and the Man of Steel; your heroes have names like ‘Tibor Kalman’, ‘Stefan Sagmeister’, ‘Paul Rand’, and ‘Paula Scher’.

  • You’re in the sun and you look around for a Drop Shadow to sit under.

  • Seeing someone use Lens Flare and Comic Sans adversely affects your blood-pressure.

  • You look at the clock and see it’s about midnight and think ‘I’ll go to bed now’… and you actually go to bed about 2 am.

  • When you know what “kerning” is and you really, really like it.

To this we add:

Read the whole list here. Just about all of it applies to us ... H/T to Kat on the InDesign Talk list, who comes up with funny stuff on a regular basis.

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