09 May 2008

[liff, modern_times] Used Sport Utes = The New Confederate Shin Plaster

1535 Stumbled on via Calculated Risk, another sign of These Modren Times™: Used SUV prices falling faster than the average fraternity IQ during a beer blast:

Webb's figures show wholesale prices on big SUVs such as Chevrolet Tahoes, Ford Expeditions and Toyota Sequoias are down 17% from a year ago. Full-size pickups have fallen as much as 15%, Webb says.

"It's a challenge," says Adam Lee, president of the Lee Auto Malls dealerships in Maine. "How do you tell a good customer, 'You paid $32,000 and now it's only worth $17,000?' "

Full story here.

Yeah, I know. Nobody could have predicted, &c, &c.

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