03 May 2008

[us_politik] We Endorse!: Ace Jackalope For President

1529. We must admit, we've been feeling pretty disillusioned by the politik lately, as sad at the state of the media as the viciousness of the supporters. Quite frankly, we were about to check out of the whole thing.

Then, we found Ace:


Ace Jackalope is one of us, we feel. Cute, sincere, and will only serve one term if the food in Washington DC sucks. He is cooler than us (well, everyone pretty much is, really, but nevermind).

We don't know why nobody else has turned on to Ace. Well, we have. We at The ZehnKatzen Times enthusiastically support Ace Jackalope for President of America! Read all about this clever little fella here.

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