15 May 2008

[modren_times] Megan Meier Cyber Bully About To Get Comeuppance?

1554.  Softened by distance now, the appaling tragedy of the 13-year old who committed suicide through internet sockpuppetry may be receiving justice.

You all may recall Megan Meier. She was a young lady who, after having a falling out with one of her friends, was the victim of what was eventually found to be a smear campaign via MySpace that might well have been orchestrated by the mother of her former friend.

The result of this was Megan's suicide.

The most appalling part of it seemed to be indications that adults were involved, and continued to inspire the attack.

Today, according to Wired Magazine, an indictment was due to go out in the case. The likely recipient of the indictment: Lori Drew, the mother of the young lady who was on the outs with Megan Meier.

Time to let the wheels of justice turn, surely and correctly.

Wired followed up with the announcement of the indictment.

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