22 May 2008

[death_n_taxes] EcoStimulus: How much? WHEN?

1569. Like some who don't trust online tax filing (yet) or who have been dissuaded from using TurboTax (once again, The Wife™ spoke sooth when she said "No on the TurboTax") We expect to receive our Stimulus Check in the mail. But how much and when?

  1. This page at the IRS allows you to get an estimate of how much stimulus Unca Sam's going to to be sending your way,

  2. And this page at the IRS will give you an idea of when that payment is enroute.

At this point, the info you're getting is going to be educated guesses. Well educated, perhaps, but educated nevertheless.

Some important this-about-that:

  1. For the stmulus payment estimator, like other similar web apps (for instance, the Oregon DOR's "Where's My Refund" app) all amounts must be in whole-dollars; don't include the cents. Also, you'll need your tax documents in front of you. If you're quick about it, this will take 5-10 minutes to do.

  2. For the "Where's my Stimulus" app, you'll need to have to hand your SSN, Filing Status, and number of exemption to hand. If you're receiving a check in the mail, and the payment has not been scheduled yet, they won't be able to tell you anything. For example, the last 2 digits in my SSN indicate that our stimulus check should be sent out no later than the middle of the third week of June, so our payment hasn't been scheduled yet. We'll return to check later (but just between you and me, Unca Sam, I'm kinda hoping that you get a little ahead of schedule).

I'll tell y'alls what ... I can't recall ever having to re-dig back into last year's tax records so often in all my life!

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