13 May 2008

[teh_funnay] Jack Handey's Flag

Updated @ 1335 approx: Thanks to all the traffic from BoingBoing (as well as Adam Szymkowicz) and the kudos from those who commented. If you like the work might I repectfully request a Digg? Thanks.

1548. Via BoingBoing, Jack Handey (he of the SNL Deep Thoughts) told us what his flag looked like. The BoingBoingers threw down the gauntlet.

I didn't get a horizon or the banner in the eagle's beak, and the ball of fishing line is really a reel of fishing line, but almost everything else came out ...

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Sean Lavelle said...

Nicely done sir!

Matt said...

HAHA! I love it!

A great visualization of Jack Handey's mind!

Keep up the good work,


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the kudos, fellahs.

Also, thanks to the mind of Jack Handey, without which none of this would have been necessary.