19 May 2008

[or_history] Obama: Once Again, Oregon Sets The Standard

1561. Meanwhile, Freepers fill nappies at an alarming rate ...


18 May 2008, Waterfront Park, Portland Oregon. 72,000 estimated. Best. Political. Rally. Evar.

Today, a Google search with the terms Obama, Rally, 75,000 returns over 8,000 results. Oregon makes history once again, and I am a proud Oregonian.

Meanwhile, on Free Republic (via DemocraticUnderground) (followed by my witty rejoinder):

If a bomb fell on those slaving obamunists, killing every last one of them, nothing of value would be lost.

That's someone you all don't know hoping you die because you had the gall to attend an Obama rally. Welcome to Freeperland! Points for coming up with slaving obamunists, but not good ones.

This is one reason I shake in my boots....AMERICANS have been bamboozled by a TERRORIST LOVING MUSLIM!!

The scoundrel! The cur! Do tell, sirrah, where is this bounder?

There is no way McNUT can win against this evil man. WE ARE COOKED! The Obamessiah will be OUR next president. GOD HELP US!

Mc Nut? Hey, that's actually funny! Good one! The rest of that sentence strongly suggests that the poster subsequently had an aneyurism.

Never seeing anything like this only in text books during Hitler's reign!

You were alive during the Hitler administration? I don't recall the masses of happy people being speechified to by a black man, but hey, I'm not perfect.

Kind of like one of Hitler’s early rallies stirring up the masses. Both are (or were) so charismatic don’t ya know and both are just as destructive.

Logic defies me here. I got nothin'.

You forgot the Pachouli oil!

You forgot that patchouli is spelt with a t!

Portland is Seattle with better public transportation and a higher unemployment rate.

Hey! We got better public transportation! You see?!?! I told you!

Portland is the arm pit of the NW..Seattle the Ahole....period!

Little known fun fact: in Freeperland, ahole means "hello" and "goodbye", like the Hawaiian aloha. I'll differ on the body part: Portland isn't the "arm" "pit"; it's more like that spot on the nape of The Wife™'s nick that I like to nibble when we cuddle. C'mon, you guys know what I'm talking about.

Even if it is Portland, OR, there are a LOT of people at that rally for this Obama guy. This worrisome.

There are a lot of people at that rally despite it being Portland? A city verging on 600,000? You right ... that worrysome! Then we all went home and read Indymedia! That more worrysome! Hey, me not use linking verb when write! Much simple efficient!

The cool thing about Free Republic is that ... no, wait, there's nothing cool about Free Republic. Sorry about that. Although, if you're frightened by just about everything, at least there's a place where you can go and be scared to freaking death with others so like minded.

Earlier this year, I made a conscious decision to not be scared of what I'm being told to be scared of.

It's liberating. I recommend it.

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