28 May 2008

[design] So, I've Applied At Clark College


Yesterday we got a good deal done, at least for us. I had two major stops to do. The first was to get some papers notarized; due to checking in this marvelous little site (Thank You Senator Westlund) I found out that I had some lost money with the state. At least $50, or so they say.

The second thing that we did was to drop an application packet for a graphic designer position off at Clark College. The drop off was in Baird Administration building, where Human Racehorses is located.

Naturally I hope for a chance at the position, but what really got me was the design of Baird. It's one of the coolest buildings I've ever been in. The core of the building is a hexagon, and five office wings radiate out (the sixth is the building entry) from each face.

The middle of the building encloses another structure within, a lot like the old OMSI building enclosed the Planetarium within that big duodecahedron. I didn't investigate the little building-within-the-building, of course; I was there to apply for work, not snoop around.

But I did walk around the center of the building two or three times. It is that cool.

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